About Us

Company “ ENVIRO’’ was found in 1990 as Private company for Trading and Services  „ENVIRO’’ Incorporated.

Due to new law regulations company changed name and status into Company for Trading and Services ‘’ ENVIRO’’  Limited.

The founder and owner is Boris M. Mićić, B. Sc. of mechanical engineering.  Before establishing the company, he was working as the chief of maintaining in the Chemical Industry ‘’ Pancevo’’ in Pančevo, plant for production of ammonia. After that, he worked in the Holding Corporation ’’  Janko Lisijak’’ in Belgrade as designer, authorized  project engineer, supervisory engineer and finally as Head of  Marketing and Development Department in the company ‘’ Enviromental Engineering’’.

Although our beginnings were modest, our ambitions were high. Thanks to high set goals, we managed to continuously develop and enlarged presence on market.  Through out the years we widened our range of services, and to- day we  offer

  • Representation
  • Distribution
  • Procurement

 of wide range of manufacturers of process equipment.

Our permanent associates are respected professors from the Faculty for Physical Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering and Metallurgy, from the University of Belgrade. Thanks to that fact we can very efficiently meet our clients' requests, including also services in

- Consulting,
- Engineering
- Marketing.

 In general, our Territory of dealing is Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro.


Company for
Trade and Sevices

Lomina 12
11000 Belgrade

+381 11 3629062